We are here to support you. We have training courses ready and waiting!

Training courses

After one of our solutions has been implemented you want to start using it as soon as possible. Our training courses ensures all our users can operate the new system quickly. We can provide a standard user training course, which is appropriate for all users or a specific training course for advanced users, for example on how to select data or how to create reports. We can also provide training courses based on your specific requirements for which we prepare a special custom-made training course. All training courses can be provided at your office but if you do not want to be disturbed during the course, you are welcome to come to our office in Nieuwegein for a training course. We offer both classic training courses as well as courses for small groups where there is more room for specific questions and interaction.

Contact us to discuss whether a standard training course or a custom-made one would be best for you. Contact us to discuss the options!

Support solutions we can provide

Our consultants work alongside you before and during the implementation of the Ifunds CRM solutions. But afterwards as well, to further optimize the processes or to set up new processes. Our product support staff is available to answer any questions regarding the operation of the system or notifications that are displayed. Or maybe you would like additional training courses, either standard or custom-made courses. You can even contact us to ask for additional resources. Do you have too much work on your hands? We can act as remote colleagues. We can filter information to provide selected data or import banking files or perform a number of other tasks. We are at your service!