Our Product Support staff is available
to answer all your questions!

Our Product Support staff is available to answer all your questions!

Product Support

Ifunds provides support for Ifunds Engage as part of your subscription. Our colleagues are ready to support you every day. Ifunds product support is available in case of failures, software updates and issues.

User support
Every organization can use a little extra support once in a while. The type of support may vary, from support via the service desk, by performing a one-off assignment, or by having an Ifunds consultant visit the organization on a regular basis. Additional support is especially welcome in case of illness, leave, vacancies, or when the required expertise is not available in-house.

Ifunds Engage uses Microsoft Dynamic 365, a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) platform developed and delivered by Microsoft. Microsoft provides high availability, of at least 99%, 7 x 24 hours a week. Microsoft is responsible for technical platform management, access, security and back-ups for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Continuity, availability and security are high priorities.

Additional service
Ifunds provides additional support packages alongside the standard packages to customers who require additional user support. Support in case of emergency and additional availability outside the office hours of the Support department are available.

We use Teamviewer to help you. This allows us to take over your computer and you can watch what we do. Download the latest version here:

Support solutions we can provide

Our consultants work alongside you before and during the implementation of the Ifunds CRM solutions. But afterwards as well, to further optimize the processes or to set up new processes. Our product support staff is available to answer any questions regarding the operation of the system or notifications that are displayed. Or maybe you would like additional training courses, either standard or custom-made courses. You can even contact us to ask for additional resources. Do you have too much work on your hands? We can act as remote colleagues. We can filter information to provide selected data or import banking files or perform a number of other tasks. We are at your service!