The CRM solution for
project management

The CRM solution for project management!

Ifunds Engage PME

Ifunds PME (Project Management and Evaluation) is the CRM solution for your project management! This solution provides valuable insight into your current and completed projects, the corresponding activities, revenue and expenditures and project indicators to register and evaluate the project effectiveness. Ifunds Engage PME is always provided as a solution module that also includes Ifunds Engage Fundraising and/or Ifunds Engage Members.

We design a workflow that is focused on your specific circumstances and preferences, that allows you to manage your projects without effort. Our solution also registers relevant partner details to support mutual cooperation. Making it easier to see the order in which steps are to be carried out with specific partners. The Ifunds solution is set up according to the IATI organizational standard, the international industry-specific reporting tool.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms the basis, to which smart Ifunds options have been added. Because each organization is different, we set up a custom-made package. Modules can be added to the solution to extend functionality based on your requirements or to connect it to third-party software.

Solutions we can provide

Whether you work with donors or volunteers, members or supporters, whether you assign subsidies or receive funding or contributions, Ifunds has the CRM solution you need! We can help you monitor projects and communicate clearly with your supporters regarding the spending of received donations as well. We can help you personalize campaigns and spread the word throughout all your online and offline channels using marketing automation and campaign management solutions. Which smart solutions will you implement?