The CRM solution for
equity funds

The CRM solution for equity funds!

Ifunds Engage Grant Management

Ifunds Engage Grant Management is the solution for equity funds and subsidy grantors. It is the central location for all information and communications regarding an application. Ifunds Engage Grant Management ensures the right steps are performed in the right order and that the appropriate people are consulted and informed.

Application portal
The application portal is the link between you and the parties submitting applications. All communications with the parties submitting a request is processed through the portal. Parties submitting requests can submit the request, provide progress reports, ask questions and answer questions. All information is accessible at a single location. The application portal is accessible via your own website.

Research and decision-making processes
As soon as the parties have submitted an application, the processing starts. Every equity fund processes requests according to their own processes, but these processes often vary depending on the type of request. The workflows in Engage can be defined to provide the required flexibility. All application procedure steps can be registered in a workflow. Engage knows exactly which task is to be carried out by whom and when. The tasks are provided to all types of users (equity fund employees, requesting parties and external consultants) based on an orderly list of tasks. Users who do not work daily with the system are notified by email regarding outstanding tasks.

All financial components required for the management of the application are available. Financiers, budgets, awards, payments and released money can be registered. Payments can be loaded in your bank software without having to enter the payments again.

Meeting portal
A meeting between the board or a committee is often part of the decision-making process at most equity funds. In Engage you can schedule meetings and indicate which applications are to be discussed during said meeting. People attending the meeting (e.g. board members) can prepare for the meeting in the meeting portal. They can see which applications are to be discussed and can research the application in the portal. They can add comments to the applications if necessary. Of course, the applications to be discussed can also be printed and sent to the people invited to the meeting as well.

The communications regarding applications can take place via email, portal messages and letters. Templates can be set up for any and all of these communication channels.

Documents and digitization
More and more often organizations are digitizing their work processes and the corresponding dossiers. This is more environmentally friendly but it also allows you to work at various locations. In Ifunds Engage Grant Management every application has its own electronic dossier where all relevant documents are saved.

Every equity fund is, of course, organized differently. Every package is, therefore, custom-made. We would like to discuss the options with you in person.

Solutions we can provide

Whether you work with donors or volunteers, members or supporters, whether you assign subsidiesor receive funding or contributions, Ifunds has the CRM solution you need! We can help you monitor projects and communicate clearly with your supporters regarding the spending of received donations as well. We can help you personalize campaigns and spread the word throughout all your online and offline channels using marketing automation and campaign management solutions. Which smart solutions will you implement?