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Once our product is implemented you can start optimizing it. Work more efficiently by connecting our products to third-party products. Allow us to enrich, rectify and clean up your content using our various data quality options.

Web services API
Ifunds Engage can be connected to third-party software, such as CMS systems, email marketing products, online donor forms, social network fundraising solutions, mobile devices, book-keeping packages, etc. using web links (APIs). Ifunds can set up these connections or, when the connection is not available, build a connection. These solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides many connection options which can be set up by the user but also a variety of standard connections.

Data quality
We have the staff and the options to enrich your data based on external sources either once or periodically. For example:

  • Rectifying addresses
  • Rectifying surnames and initials
  • Changing the addresses of people who have moved
  • Entering information on the deceased
  • Enriching telephone numbers
  • Filling in profile details, such as income group, age group, gender, own home or rental home, etc.

Postal code database
The Ifunds Engage solutions include, as standard, a connection to a postal code database. This allows you to check the quality of the relationship file, because only valid combinations of postal code, street name and location are included. This functionality also assures a uniform structure for the street names and locations which is especially useful if you also use other applications. The system also checks house number series. Our (optional) geo module links geo levels to postal code series. This ensures that your relationships are linked to the appropriate departments.

Support solutions we can provide

Our consultants work alongside you before and during the implementation of the Ifunds CRM solutions. But afterwards as well, to further optimize the processes or to set up new processes. Our product support staff is available to answer any questions regarding the operation of the system or notifications that are displayed. Or maybe you would like additional training courses, either standard or custom-made courses. You can even contact us to ask for additional resources. Do you have too much work on your hands? We can act as remote colleagues. We can filter information to provide selected data or import banking files or perform a number of other tasks. We are at your service!