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We believe CRM is a profession, OUR profession, for the past 20 years. Our smart products and solutions help us help our customers to achieve additional social impact. Our goal is to create a 360-degree perspective on the customer which allows our customers to start up the right multi-channel journey. Our CRM solutions for the non-profit sector are the means to this end.

Our unique ready-to-use product is our USP. We know the required processes through years of experience working with non-profit organizations. We know what you need and we focus on knowledge when developing our products. There is always room for your specific requirements. Microsoft Dynamics forms the basis of our powerful, versatile, future-proof, user-friendly solutions. We provide a solution as a service (SaaS) to make sure you can take advantage of continuous developments at Microsoft and Ifunds.

We want to be more than your implementation partner. Others may shake your hand when entering into a contract and again when delivering the services but we stay close. You can always count on us! For support, to expand the functionalities, to assist you when you are very busy. We will be your point of contact ourselves, always. For the duration of the project we will be the only partner to contact you and who discusses the project with you at your office. Keeping it clear and unequivocal. We gladly help you to reach your goals!

Solutions we can provide

Whether you work with donors or volunteers, members or supporters, whether you assign subsidies or receive funding or contributions, Ifunds has the CRM solution you need! We can help you monitor projects and communicate clearly with your supporters regarding the spending of received donations as well. We can help you personalize campaigns and spread the word throughout all your online and offline channels using marketing automation and campaign management solutions. Which smart solutions will you implement?

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