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Yes, also this year we visited and sponsored the International Fundraising Congress in the Netherlands. An all-inclusive experience for Fundraisers, people who make the world a better place. These 800 social heroes or changemakers (people who make the world a better place) from 60 countries visited the Netherlands for 3 days to truly immerse themselves in learning, sharing, reflecting and networking. IFC’s richly curated programme brought together the best ideas, newest concepts, and most innovative solutions from the social impact sector and beyond.  

The goal of Ifunds is to make the world a better place by delivering IT software to non-profit organisations. Therefore, we have committed ourselves for the full 100% to this market for more than 25 years! To truly understand the goals of our customers and the end-result of our work (we are just one part of the chain) we want to be at places where our superusers are. IFC is one of those places to get inspired. The 100 world-class speakers from across the globe deliver a variety of session formats and styles, from deep-dive masterclasses to interactive workshops, inspirational plenaries to big room keynotes. Topics include fundraising, ethics, social enterprise, corporate partnerships, leadership and strategy, digital marketing, financial innovation, and so much more.

Also this year our team got really inspired at IFC. The first plenary session was from Malawi men William Kwamkwamba who literally made a change by creating his own windmill and by doing so he broke the tradition of poverty for his family, his village, and changed the world by telling his story.

The days in between where filled with break-out sessions, where we have learned what is happening in the world, more about the trends, the do’s and don’ts in fundraising. One of the examples was a session where the difference between a ‘sad’ story or ‘success’ story got compared. What is working to get the wished outcome across the globe? Another break-out was about the shrinking willingness of giving just cash without seeing the end-result.

It is a confirmation for Ifunds to carry on the vision of Engagement (e.g. our core product is called Engage 365 Fundraising).

The closing plenary session included three speeches, one of group rapes where Srishti Baksh walked 2300 miles to start a movement, of Joanna Sustento who after losing her family in a Super Typhoon Haiyan and so became the human face of the climate crisis and one of malaria where Dr. Elvis Eze explained his goal to save 650.000 children from dying from Malaria.

Many stories that made us realize even more that small things definitely can contribute to bigger changes. We are inspired! We will continue our work to enable non-profit organisations to do their work in the best possible way.

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