We are Ifunds

Our story

We are Ifunds. Our mission has not changed since the beginning of 1994: to help fundraising organizations, member organizations and equity funds by providing CRM solutions to interest, bind, understand, find and reach their supporters. We fulfil our mission by implementing products, CRM solutions that have been developed especially for the non-profit sector, as optimally as possible in organizations such as yours. Together we look at your ambitions, objectives and work methods, to your data and processes and we set up a solution that ensures you can work as easily, efficiently and productively as possible.

From day one, we only work for non-profit organizations. We like doing what we do. Each and every one of our customers is working to make the world a better place. We are proud to help them achieve their objectives.

We currently have more than 400 customers. Sixty motivated colleagues work in offices in three countries to provide solutions that meet their needs. Our colleagues, just like the founding members of Ifunds, feel committed to the non-profit sector. They are passionate about supporting customers as well as possible by implementing CRM solutions. Our ambition is to further expand the leading position we have achieved within Europe.

We have told you who we are, we would now like to know who you are!

Our people

Every one of us has decided they want to work for the non-profit sector. Some of us did so consciously, because they want to make the world a better place, or based on their religious beliefs, others found their way to Ifunds by accident and decided they liked it too much to leave it behind. Together we are Ifunds. Working at Ifunds is wonderful because we all share the same passion. We are proud of our versatile team, the variety in expertise in-house allows us to provide the required service to a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Would you like to see who picks up the telephone, who reads and writes email messages and who is responsible for the white papers? Click on the link to see us!

Do you share our passion and would you like to become part of our team? Have you worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or with non-profit organizations we have not had the pleasure to serve yet? Please check out our vacancies!