Ifunds is a Microsoft partner
in heart and soul

Microsoft Partnership

Ifunds has been developing solutions based on Microsoft technology for the non-profit sector for many years. The current solution, Ifunds Engage, is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365.  Ifunds believes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is going to be the platform of the future. For multiple reasons, which we will gladly tell you and anybody who asks. The most important of which is the future suitability and direction in which Dynamics 365 is quickly developing, the price-quality ratio without hidden costs and the optimum integration with Office 365. We are not the only ones who think so. Well-known research and strategy agencies such as Gartner and Forrester share this vision.

We like the fact that Microsoft is publicizing the Philanthropies program. This program, that has been around for quite some time and used to be supported by Techsoup only, is gaining ground. Especially since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined in 2014. Please visit the Microsoft Philanthropies website for further information.

We are very proud of our Gold Partnership.