The CRM solution for
fundraising organizations

The CRM solution for fundraising organizations

Ifunds Engage Fundraising

The CRM solution for fundraising organizations: Ifunds Engage Fundraising! It is the source for all relationship data within your organization. It allows you to engage, commit, bind and develop further all stakeholders by applying a clear-cut CRM strategy based on a single truth. It allows you to plan fundraising activities, from drawing up customer journeys through to multichannel campaign management.

Real-time dashboarding at every required level allows you to keep track of relevant information for your team or for management. The marketing and fundraising teams can view the daily results and revenues of current campaigns while management works with the dashboard for an overview of steering data. You can easily create views which allow you to generate up-to-date overviews at any time of day by pressing a single button.

Selecting Engage Fundraising means you select the Microsoft platform. Ifunds Engage Fundraising is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and this provides an unprecedented number of advantages for the users, seamless integration with all Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Office 365 and Power BI. It includes standard links to Microsoft Dynamics add-ons and the Microsoft Dynamics ‘Appsource’ app store. Ifunds Engage Fundraising offers many specific smart options on top of the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. All of which helps you grow your relationship with your supporters and to raise funds.

Relationship cards, from address details through to communication preferences
Ifunds Engage Fundraising is delivered as standard with relationship cards. These include all the data required to help the contact. Ifunds makes it as easy as possible, for example by checking or supplementing addresses or entering standard communication preferences for you.

Segmentation information; types of support through to RFM
The registration of the (gift) request to which the relationship has reacted and of the value of the relationship is significant in order to segment your relationships. The value of a relationship can be determined in two ways, in terms of money, which can be determined by looking at the RFM value and the amount of the most recent gift and in terms of lifetime value, how often the relationship provides a gift or the average gift amount per time period. This information is always available in Ifunds Engage Fundraising. But you can also register that the relationship is a volunteer or frequently holds sponsorship events. Segmentation based on the type of relationship, for example a school or a religious institution is, of course, available.

Complete financial processes; from gift requests through to bookkeeping
Importing banking files, creating direct debit files, generating payment references or the earmarked or non-earmarked posting of gifts, in Ifunds Engage Fundraising it is all part of the standard functionality. You can also set whether cancellations are to be resent or not. It also supports the setting of ledger structures to correctly exchange data with the bookkeeping software.

Campaign; from structure to result
Fundraising campaigns with corresponding sub-campaigns are part of the standard structure in Ifunds Engage Fundraising. All fundraising activities can be registered and results can be calculated automatically. Per sub-campaign but also aggregated at campaign level. It provides information on the campaign status which allows steering if necessary.

And more …

Set workflows to adapt standard Ifunds Engage options to your own preferences.

The Dynamics 365 Campaign function in Ifunds Engage is set for actions, marketing and happenings and matches the needs of non-profit organizations. The results and the costs are clearly stated and linked to each other. Campaigns have a hierarchical structure, whereby campaigns can have sub-campaigns.

Easy to connect to third-party software
Ifunds Engage Fundraising is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 which means open standards, seamless connectivity to other software and access to Appsource, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app store. Many connections have already been implemented based on past projects, to, for example, financial systems, online marketing tools, call centre applications, lead-generation systems, etc. We would like to hear which connections you would require when we meet.

Online and web-based and up-to-date data privacy settings
Ifunds Engage Fundraising operates online. The advantages are that you do not need to manage own servers and that you are assured that the latest data security standards are always in place. You only need a web browser to use Ifunds Engage Fundraising. Ifunds products and services meet the most stringent requirements for what concerns data security and privacy. Hosting is in-country.

Whether you work with donors or volunteers, members or supporters, whether you assign subsidies or receive funding or contributions, Ifunds has the CRM solution you need! We can help you monitor projects and communicate clearly with your supporters regarding the spending of received donations as well. We can help you personalize campaigns and spread the word throughout all your online and offline channels using marketing automation and campaign management solutions. Which smart solutions will you implement?