The campaign management solution for 
non-profit organizations

The campaign management solution for non-profit organizations!

Ifunds Engage Campaign

Engage Campaign is the campaign management solution for the setting up, planning and automated execution of data-driven 1-1 campaigns. Through any and all channels and touch-points. All available data sources are accessible and integrated in a single solution. There are no data limits, customer information is combined from the various data sources and are available within a single environment. Engage Campaign allows you to filter your target group by selecting and combining profile and behavioural information. Fast, intuitive, flexible and complete! Now each and every marketeer can easily count and select target group members, as well as execute and monitor campaigns.

Connect to data sources
Connect and integrate all your data sources within Engage Campaign: our campaign management solution. There are no data limits and all your customer information is available within a single environment.

Campaigns are set up fast and easy
Just drag & drop: the user-friendly interface allows you to create flowcharts for data-driven campaigns quickly and easily.

Specific target group selection
Approach your target group by selecting and combining profile and behavioural information. Save time by accessing customer information easily within the campaign management solution.

Personalized data-driven outbound campaigns
Generate dynamic campaigns and make content relevant for multiple target groups Create your own template, use RSS feeds or select a standard template which can be used for all devices

Automated planning and execution of campaigns
Automate the planning and execution of event-driven campaigns Increase the productivity and reach your target group at the right moment taking the maximum communication pressure within the selected target groups into account.

Unequivocal reports
View campaign results in real-time using unequivocal reports, graphs and detailed profiling. Analyse the behaviour of the recipients and optimize your campaigns and follow-up actions.

Solutions we can provide

Whether you work with donors or volunteers, members or supporters, whether you assign subsidies or receive funding or contributions, Ifunds has the CRM solution you need! We can help you monitor projects and communicate clearly with your supporters regarding the spending of received donations as well. We can help you personalize campaigns and spread the word throughout all your online and offline channels using marketing automation and campaign management solutions. Which smart solutions will you implement?